3 in 1 Pen Stylus for Touch Screen Devices, with Empty Refillable Spray Bottle 3 ml for Sanitizer, with Ballpoint Pen, 6 Pack

by Sypen
$ 13.99
SyPen’s 3 in 1 Sanitzer, Ballpoint & Stylus Pens are a safe, trendy, stylish & multi-functional tool that will serve multiple purposes for home, school or the office!


• 3 in 1 Sanitzer Spray/Ballpoint/Stylus Tip
• Compatibility With All Smart Devices
• Different Color Variations (ex. Assorted, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Black)
• Note: Colors May Vary In Assorted Packs
• Metallic Barrel
• Refillable Spray
•Empty 3 ml Spray bottle: about 30 Sprays
• Lightweight Plastic Exterior
• Rubber Grip
• Highly Sensitive
• Glides Smoothly
• Provides Great Detail
• Black Ink
• Works on SmartPhones, Tablets, and Paper

SyPen’s 3 in 1 Sanitzer Spray, Ballpoint & Stylus Pen glides smoothly across smartphone and tablet screens, which protects you from germs and the screen from scratching or fingerprints, promoting the longevity of your devices. The three in one sainitzer spray, ballpoint and stylus pen design gives you more bang for your buck, as it is truly multi-functional and will take you from home, to the classroom or office, and back again. You can use this pen for everything from spraying your hands with sanitizer to jotting notes into a notebook to doodling on your tablet. Choose from many different color variations to switch things up according to your mood and environment. The lightweight material and comfortable rubber grip make this pen the perfect choice for students, artists, avid notetakers, and anyone who writes for extended periods of time as it won’t tire you out and molds to the contours of your hand. The highly sensitive tip provides great detail and accuracy and will enhance your experience with note taking, sketching, drawing, and photo apps. Our stylus/ballpoint pens provide all-in-one convenience with sleek sophistication & style that is sure to make an impression.
  • 3 IN 1 ESSENTIAL USES: The Spray is Essential to clean harmful germs on your hands and surfaces. The STYLUS is essential to keep your Touchscreen devices free of germs. The BALLPOIN PEN is essential to write down all your vital info!
  • USES:The Empty Spray Bottle Can be filled with 3 ml of Sanitizer,Perfume, Or any Personal Essential. You can use 30 sprays until your next refill. These Pens come with a pocket clip as well and is the perfect choice for travel!
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MANY DEVICES: SyPen’s Stylus Tip is compatible with touch screen devices from various brands for your convenience. Our stylus pen is highly sensitive & smooth, providing a seamless, pen-like writing experience. The fine tip allows you to achieve greater detail in your note taking & art projects.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: Our stylus tip pens are made of a lightweight material and feature a rubber grip that contours to your hand for added comfort, making it the perfect choice for avid note takers.
  • MANY DIFFERENT COLOR OPTIONS: Our stylus tip pens feature a sophisticated & streamlined design in many different color variations to accommodate your personal taste and whatever mood you're in.