Stylus Ballpoint Pen with Highlighter With Tips, Comes in an array of bright colors, Pack of 5

by Sypen
$ 12.98
Sypen proudly present our Multi-Function 3-1 Highlighter Combo - 5 Color Set. These Sypen Pen Highlighter Markers are Amazing! While Using the ballpoint pen Writing textbooks and notes, sometimes you might want to highlight the important word or line, you got your Highlighter on the on the other end of the pen. If you're using the Sypens pen highlighters you will save time switching between "Pen Highlighter", "Highlighter Pen" The Highlighters are chisel tips so you can easily focus on highlighting only the line you want to en light without having mixing it with the other words. In addition this Highlighter serves as a Stylus pen for most of your touch screen devices. The Highliters come in a variety of colors so you can switch colors for different event planning. COLORS: Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple.

  • Dazzling highlighter. Remarkable Pen! Sensitive Stylus!
  • Dual tip allows highlighting from one end and write or Stylus from the other end!
  • Chisel tip is ideal for wide and narrow lines.
  • Stylus Function, Twist to use as a pen Twist to use as a Stylus, Flip and use as Highlighter!
  • Comes in a variety of colors for your choice of highlighting.