Stylus Pen for Kids Compatible with Apple iPad Air Mini Pro, Kids Edition Tablets, Dragon Touch, Galaxy Tab A E, Leapfrog Editions, Great Stocking Stuffers(12 Pack)

by Sypen
$ 13.98
CHILDREN WILL LOVE IT! This is exactly what every child has been waiting for! This Fun Pencil Shaped design stylus pens are perfect for young students, as the grip is designed for little hands to have an easy time drawing, coloring and writing. It is also helpful with hand-eye coordination and fine motor control. Teachers and parents will appreciate the excitement that these stylus pens provide. FEATURES: Stylus for touchscreen devices, avoiding scratches and smudges on your device. Ballpoint pen with Black Ink Writing Pencil Eraser Comfort Grip Smooth Writing

  • Perfect for helping young learners with hand-eye coordination along with learning to draw, color and write
  • Fun Pencil Shaped design stylus pens come in 4 vibrant colors Pack of 12
  • Extra durable soft rubber tip prevents scratching or damage to the screen of your childrens devices
  • Multi-Function 3-1 , Its a writing Ballpoint pen, Pencil eraser, and a stylus for touch screen devices.
  • Kids can use this stylus with any app for greater comfort and control while learning!