Sypen 3 in 1 Multi-Function Pen with Light for Pilots, Nurses, Doctors Etc. Lighted Tip Pen LED Night Writer Flashlight+Stylus for Touchscreen Devices+Ballpoint Pen, 3 Pack. Colors: Silver+Black+Grey

by Sypen
$ 25.99
SyPen BRINGS YOU THIS AMAZING 3-IN-1 MULTI-FUNCTION CAPACITIVE STYLUS BALLPOINT LED PEN THAT MAKES YOUR DAY-TO-DAY LIFE EASIER!No other pen on the market comes with as many advantages to its users as ours! This pen operates as a stylus pen for use on the surface of your touchable screen devices. It also features an LED light on the tip of the ballpoint pen, so that you can write easily in dark or low light conditions. Finding a pen with these 3-in-1 functions is very rare!OUR PEN IS CONVENIENT, HELPFUL & STYLISH ALL AT THE SAME TIME The stylus tip lets you easily glide across your device’s screen, thus keeping your touch screen smudge-free at all times! This LED Night Writer Flashlight also functions as a regular flashlight. Ever have that problem when you're going through your bag full of many items and you can’t locate your car keys or home keys? Ever wish you had a little flashlight on you? Well if you carry around a SyPen pen, all you have to do is push the flashlight tip, and voila! A white LED light. This definitely simplifies your life by giving you a little light when you need it the most. The Flashlight runs on three replaceable button-cell batteries.For added convenience this pen also has a handy pocket clip function that allows you to keep it ready for use at all times. Clip it to your jacket pocket, your purse chain, and more. The ink from this pen is made of the highest quality and writes smoothly in a rich, black color.The pen has a sophisticated chrome accented look. Pen Features : 3 in 1 Pen Stylus Pen on One End Comes in a variety of Colors LED Flashlight Ballpoint Pen Metal Pen Pocket Clip

  • WRITE IN THE DARK: Be ready at night and in Dim situations! Write easily in the dark with this 3 in 1 Night Writer Flashlight Ballpoint Pen. Simply push the flashlight tip to turn the small white LED light on and off. Great Gift Idea for anyone who needs lighting in dark environments - Pilots, Kids for bedtime diary, restaurants, Flight Crew, military etc.
  • MULTIPLE VARIATIONS: Choose from a variety of sizes and colors to suit your personal needs and taste. This pack contains 3 pens in the colors of Red, Green and Blue. The pens write in a smooth black ink color.
  • WIDE COMPATIBLE WITH MANY DEVICES: SyPen's Stylus Tip Pen is compatible with touch screen devices from various brands for your convenience. Use them everywhere from your phone to your tablet with ease.
  • DURABLE DESIGN: SyPen’s 3 in 1 Stylus Flashlight Pens are designed to stand the test of time. Our pens are constructed from a sturdy metal material that are more durable than competing brands.
  • ULTRA SENSITIVE TIP: Our stylus pen is the best stylus, durable conductive fiber/rubber hybrid tip, gliding across any touch screen highly sensitive & smooth, providing a seamless, pen-like writing experience. The fine tip allows you to achieve greater detail in your note taking & art projects.